Tech Talent Augmentation

Quick onboarding of specialised talent.
The right candidate in no time at all. Full-stack developers, data scientists, java analysts, ionic architects, angular back-end developers… You name it, we find it.

features & phases

It’s getting harder and harder to find qualified professionals to fill specialised gaps in teamworks. Companies need to recruit candidates that are hard to find and enroll into their IT areas and they are forced to employ under-qualified candidates because of the urge to start projects on time.

Our tech talent augmentation end-to-end service solves this problem by taking care of all the journey, from talent search and recruitment, to the final onboarding.

Quick onboarding of specialised talent.


Inmediate access to highly qualified professionals.


Fast response to high workloads or new project requirements.

Decrease of recruiting, contracting and training costs.

Reduction of workload in Human Resources Areas.


Agile adaptation of new members to teamworks and processes.

1 · Request

Plexus Tech’s recruiting specialists gather information about the profile required.

Starting from the actual needs of the client, they select the right candidate in no time.

2 · Onboarding

Plexus Tech selects a candidate who fit the client’s requirements. After checking his or her qualification, the onboarding process starts.

3 · Monitoring

After training and onboarding, Plexus Tech backs the new team member at a technological level and it monitors his or her efficiency.

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