Plexus Agile

Our talent onsite + our force offshore.
A model built on shared knowledge, collaboration, and trust. We help our clients develop digital products that flow seamlessly, everywhere and on every device.

features & phases

There is a large deficit of qualified professionals with the expertise required by companies to face their digital transformation. With the constant appearance of new technologies and frameworks, companies need to recruit new profiles that are hard to find and enroll into their workforce. As a consequence, tech projects have become increasingly complex and time-to-market has risen.

Our Agile approach solves this gap by integrating into our clients’ team those resources they lack to develop their digital roadmap on time and with the highest standards.

With key profiles onsite and a flexible team at Plexus Tech’s development centres, our clients gain competitive edge.


Agility and speed in project development.


Lower time-to-market and development costs.

Easier access to talented resources.

Flexibility to face new projects and high workloads.

1 · Discovery

Plexus tech’s expert profiles visit the company to know the technical and functional environments, as well as to define the following phases.

2 · Ramp-up

The development team is made up at Plexus Tech’s headquarters, enrolling the most suitable resources for the project.

3 · Stabilisation

Project development is carried out from multiple locations, providing quick response to the demand.

4 · Scalling up

The offshore team grows to fit the workload. To do so, the team goes through a process of mitosis. A mature team is divided in other teams where experienced members of the original team became the core members of the new one. Thus, new teams are born with a high degree of maturity..

frameworks & tools

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